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Bovec Airport transfers / Bovec Airport shuttle

We offer you affordable airport transfer / shuttle from airport to Bovec and back. Standard transfers are:

  • Ljubljana airport to Bovec / some airline: Adria Airways, Easyjet, .../
  • Trieste airport to Bovec / some airlines: Ryanair /
  • Klagenfurt airport to Bovec / some airlines: Ryanair /
  • Venice or Treviso airport to Bovec / some airlines: Easyjet, Ryanair, bmi, ... /

Transfer is made with private mini bus, for maximum 8 passengers. For more people, send us inquiry to make you an offer.

Price for Bovec airport transfers

Bovec to Trieste airport (Ronchi dei Leghoinari) - TRS
Trieste airport to Bovec
1h 40min 119,00 €
Bovec to Klagenfurt airport - KLU
Klagenfurt to Bovec
1h 30min 129,00 €
Bovec - Ljubljana-Brnik airport (Jožeta Pučnika) - LJU
Ljubljana airport to Bovec
 1h 50min 139,00 €
Bovec to Graz aiport
Graz aiport to Bovec
 2h 45min 269,00 €
Bovec to Venice aiport (Marco Polo) - VCE
Venice aiport to Bovec
 2h 45min 199,00 €
Bovec to Venice - Treviso aiport - TRE
Venice Treviso aiport to Bovec
 3h 55min 219,00 €
Other airports transfers   on request

Surcharges for transfers/ Discounts for transfers

  • Transfers between 0AM and 6AM: +30%
  • Transfer for up to 2person: -15%

Transfers Conditions

  • Price is valid for one transfer - starting or ending destination is Bovec

  • Maximum 8 passengers /transfer
  • There is possible to arrange transfer also to other airports - ask for our offer
  • Price includes the cost of transfer, tools and parking expenses. It does not include possbile extra surcharges for the passengers ( like entrance fees, lunch, etc )
  • Prices include applicable VAT



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